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Selling certified information products offers you the opportunity to build a profitable business without having a product of your own. You do not accept commissions on affiliate sales products, even selling an information product that you are “Resale / reproduction Licence” is much like affiliate marketing, with some major differences.

With affiliate product that you get nothing but a commission for your efforts – you do not get any customers own where they are sent to the seller.

With licensed product it is true that you will have to do more work – you have your own sales page, you will be saving money, you will deliver the goods to them, you will also be responsible for providing support to customers in most cases – although this is usually limited to the sale and delivery of the product, not the technical side of the product …

But the important thing is that you are building your own valuable customer base for your business.

Now there is never a sure way to succeed, but always a sure way to fail. You can not guarantee success, but there are some things you can do to greatly increase your chances of success.

Let’s first look at the fastest way to fail so that we can get it out of the way. The fastest way to fail is to do little or nothing at all. The product can sit there on your computer or desktop, and if you do not try to do something with it, you will not. It is true that any business.

With that said, let’s start looking at how you can succeed.

1. Study the Market.

It is not wise to buy a product that is suited or targeted to the niche you know little or nothing about. It could very well be unprofitable niche or product could not be what niche wants. So before you buy a license, take a look at the market and the product and try to determine whether it could be profitable.

2. Note Market.

If you have a hard time deciding what niche wants from the popular forums within the niche, you may need to run some tests before you buy a license. Find relevant or similar means the product, you know that niche wants or needs. Selling it to use Google AdWords, building an opt-in list of the traffic, and then offer a free gift for those members list in exchange for taking a survey.

3. be different.

Once you have decided that it is a profitable niche and that the product is wanted or needed at that niche, buying it – and then to be different. Remember that others are also buying licenses to the products. Make sure that you have a different sales page, and if allowed, other branding for the product.

4. Spice Up Package.

If it is allowed, you should definitely offer bonuses to customers that other resellers are not offering. This makes the product more valuable, even though it’s exactly the same product. The package is different and valuable – which means more profits for you.

5. Keep On Rolling!

Most products have not wanted or needed forever – especially when there are many people selling it. Make sure that you are building opt in list and create or find other licensed products that you can sell to your customers later. Otherwise, you’re headed down Dead End Street.

6. Know and follow the rules.

Some people never read the license agreement, and this is a huge mistake. You need to know what is and is not allowed, preferably before you buy the product. It is also important to know whether the marketing will be included in the package, and whether you are free to change the materials.

7. Do not buy the possibility of free tools.

An important thing to look for in the resale rights agreement is whether the product can be given away for free. If it can, it’s really no value to you at all. Avoid buying such products.

8. Buy resale rights.

If you come across a great product then maybe you can also purchase the right to resell the resale rights to the product, ie you get the Master Licence. If you can resell the Master License for the product, ie you have Enhanced Master Licence, this is even better. So you have three products to sell, both potential customers / users of the product and market the market in that niche as well.

As with all things in life, it is the ability to continue in the game that will make or break your business and profits. True, there are sales people out there who make a good income from the sale of ‘been around the block “products, but if you are new and do not know it could be you parting with your money for a product or package that everyone else has!

As always, my advice is to do further research. Difficult, I know, in the beginning but if you get a general sense that the product has not been knocking around for years, you might be on to a winner.

It is often a minefield out there for people to start a business and more often than not, you will be faced with the choice resale package with cleverly written sales copy, with so many bonuses, etc. without the knowledge of your package has been knocking around for over 5 years and sales copy sucks you in and then hang you out to dry!

In saying all this, the internet is a very big place – a massive market and just around the corner may be the next your sales even for old products. So do your homework

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